Maximizing Visibility with LED Light Bars What You Need to Know

LED light bars have become an indispensable part for off-road driving, as they offer a powerful and reliable lighting experience. When it comes to choosing a LED light bar, there are a variety of factors to consider, so it's essential to comprehend their differences and make an informed decision on which one is best suited for your needs. In this article, Vicoffroad will explore each of these factors in detail, comparing LED light bars to help you make an informed decision.


Choosing the right LED light bar for your vehicle is crucial. Its dimensions play a critical role in determining its suitability for your application, as well as the available space for mounting. So in this light, it's essential to pay attention to their dimensions, which can vary depending on the mounting brackets used.

Below is a chart outlining the dimensions of the Lightfox Rigel and Vega Series LED light bars.


Model Dimensions (with side brackets) Dimensions (with bottom brackets)
Rigel Series 12 inch L37.8 x W6.5 x H8.2 cm L34.4 x W6.9 x H8 cm
Rigel Series 20 inch L58.3 x W6.5 x H8.2 cm L55 x W6.9 x H8 cm
Rigel Series 30 inch L83.8 x W6.5 x H8.2 cm L80.6 x W6.9 x H8 cm
Vega Series 8 inch L26.7 x W4.5 x H5.5 cm L23.7 x W5.2 x H5.8 cm
Vega Series 14 inch L37 x W4.5 x H6 cm L33.8 x W5.2 x H5.8 cm
Vega Series 28 inch L78 x W4.5 x H6 cm L75 x W5.2 x H5.8 cm
Vega Series 40 inch L108.5 x W4.5 x H6 cm L105.6 x W5.2 x H5.8 cm

Selecting a light bar with the appropriate dimensions will ensure that it fits onto your vehicle and provides the illumination you need. So don't overlook this vital factor when choosing your LED light bar.

Mounting Locations

Enhancing visibility and ensuring safety during off-road driving requires optimal lighting for your vehicle. Determining the suitable location to mount your LED light bar can be a daunting task. The following section will provide comprehensive guidance on the ideal locations for mounting your LED light bars to help you to make informed decisions.


It is known that the roof is the most suitable space for mounting larger LED light bars, such as 40 inches. Larger LED light bars provide better illumination, especially they have a combination of spot and flood beams that excel in both distance and width to help you see clearer ahead and avoid hazards. That's why Vicoffroad recommends Lightfox Rigel and Vega Series 40-inch combo beams LED light bars, to secure your safety during off-road driving.

Bull Bar

The bull bar is typically fitted with LED driving lights, as it may not provide enough space for larger LED light bars. In these cases, a viable alternative would be to equip your vehicle with a slim LED light bar, for example, the Lightfox Rigel Series 12 inch and Rigel Series 20 inch dual row LED light bars, which will give your vehicle an unparalleled level of luminosity and individuality.

Rear Bumper

The main objective of installing light bars on your vehicle's rear bumper is to enhance visibility and avoid obstacles when reversing. Vicoffroads recommends the installation of a pair of Lightfox Vega Series 8-inch LED light bars to assist with reversing. And it is recommended to use light bars with a maximum length of 12 to 14 inches, because light bars bigger than that will result in excessive brightness and blind other drivers at your rear.

A Pillar

When installing lights on the A-pillar, it's important to choose a slim and compact LED light that won't obstruct your view. The Lightfox 4 inch LED work light is an option as it seamlessly integrates with the A-pillar due to its compact size. Moreover, it features a spot beam with 4,600 Lumens (per pair), which directs light to the areas where it's needed, avoiding wasteful casting onto the hood, which can create glare.

Roof rack

The roof rack is a great place to mount LED light bars. Having a LED light bar on the roof rack means for quick installation without drilling holes in your vehicle's roof and optimal front lighting. Plus, it provides the flexibility to add light bars on the sides and rear of your vehicle, serving as reverse light or even for campsite lighting.

Lumen & Bulb Distribution

Lumen measures the total amount of light emitted by a light source, regardless of where that light is directed or how it is spread out. A higher lumen rating indicates a brighter light source, yet please bear in mind that the performance of a LED light bar is affected by many other specifications such as beam pattern and so on. Please find below a chart comparing lumen ratings for Lightfox LED light bars, which may aid in your decision-making process.

Model Lumen Bulb Distribution
Rigel Series 12 inch 8,320LM Dual Row
Rigel Series 20 inch 15,096LM Dual Row
Rigel Series 30 inch 22,644LM Dual Row
Vega Series 8 inch 8,856LM (Pair) Single Row
Vega Series 14 inch 7,548LM Single Row
Vega Series 28 inch 17,612LM Single Row
Vega Series 40 inch 25,160LM Single Row

Lux Rating

Lux is a more practical measure of brightness for many applications because it takes into account the distance from the light source. A high lux rating does not necessarily mean a high lumen rating; rather, it indicates that the light is concentrated in a specific area rather than being dispersed over a larger area.

Please see the chart below for Lux ratings comparison of Lightfox LED light bars to find your best fit.

Model Lux Rating
Rigel Series 12 inch 1Lux@337m
Rigel Series 20 inch 1Lux@509m
Rigel Series 30 inch 1Lux@612m
Vega Series 8 inch 1Lux@606m (Pair)
Vega Series 14 inch 1Lux@319m
Vega Series 28 inch 1Lux@494m
Vega Series 40 inch 1Lux@611m

Beam Pattern

The spot beams are ideal for situations where visibility at a distance is crucial, flood beams are best suited for illuminating large areas, and combo beams offer a combination of both spot and flood beams for versatile lighting applications, the Lightfox Rigel Series and Vega Series, for example. But what is the difference between 90° flood beam and 60° flood beam?

A 90° flood beam spreads the light in a wider angle than a 60° flood beam. It provides a broader illumination that can cover a larger area. On the other hand, a 60° flood beam provides a beam that is narrower than a 90° flood beam, which can provide better visibility in situations where a wider beam would cause too much reflection.

The Lightfox Vega Series 8 inch with a 13° spot beam and the Defend Indust E-Marked LED light bar with a 30° driving beam differ primarily in the spread of their light. The 13° spot beam is narrower and can assist in detecting obstacles, animals, and hazards from a distance, providing ample time to react and prevent accidents. The 30° driving beam, on the other hand, is better suited for illuminating a wider area.

Below is a chart outlining the beam pattern and distribution of the Lightfox LED light bars.

Model Beam Pattern LED Chip Bulb Distribution
Rigel Series 12 inch 13° spot beam and 90° flood beam 4 Flood + 16 Spot + 4 Flood
Rigel Series 20 inch 13° spot beam and 90° flood beam 8 Flood + 24 Spot + 8 Flood
Rigel Series 30 inch 13° spot beam and 90° flood beam 12 Flood + 36 Spot +12 Flood
Vega Series 8 inch 13° spot beam 8 Spot
Vega Series 14 inch 13° spot beam and 60° flood beam 4 Flood + 4 Spot + 4 Flood
Vega Series 28 inch 13° spot beam and 60° flood beam 8 Flood + 12 Spot + 8 Flood
Vega Series 40 inch 13° spot beam and 60° flood beam 8 Flood + 24 Spot + 8 Flood

Color Temperature

The color temperature of your LED light bars is an essential element to consider as it can have a significant impact on your driving experience. For this reason, LED light bars are engineered to emit light that closely mimics natural daylight, with a color temperature of approximately 6000K or 5500K.

Among the available options, the Lightfox Rigel and Vega Series LED light bars come equipped with a 5,500K color temperature, providing crisp white light at a slightly warmer temperature that is easier on your eyes when the light is shed on road signs.

IP Rating

The LIGHTFOX Rigel Series and Vega Series both come with an IP68 waterproof rating, the highest level of protection against both solids and liquids, meaning that the product is dust-tight and can withstand being submerged in water beyond 1 meter (3.3 feet) for a prolonged period of time without any harm.

While the LED light bars under other brands, for example, kings adventure, come with IP-67 waterproof protection. The main difference between IP68 and IP67 is their level of water resistance. IP68 offers a higher level of protection than IP67. A light bar with an IP68 rating can withstand being submerged in water beyond 1 meter (3.3 feet) for a prolonged period of time, while light bar with an IP67 rating can only withstand being submerged in water up to a depth of 1 meter (3.3 feet) for a limited time.


The LIGHTFOX Rigel Series and Vega Series LED light bars boast a range of color caps in yellow, orange, grey, black, and red to ensure seamless integration with your vehicle's color scheme.

In summary, LED light bars are a highly adaptable lighting solution suitable for a multitude of applications. Their versatility allows for a range of benefits, making it imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of their differences when making an informed decision. Vicoffroad provides a diverse range of LED light bars with exceptional performance to meet the unique needs of customers. Whether you require a compact or heavy-duty model, there are a variety of options to enhance your driving experience and maximize safety on the road.

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